Comprehensive Direct Delivery Solutions

Guaranteed Delivery – Fast

Correct dispatch and speedy delivery of mail is vital for smooth functioning of any business. It is a waste of your time and effort if your brochures or flyers take ages to reach your customers or long after a set time frame. It can result in lost business opportunities.Direct Delivery Services

Mailworks offers guaranteed direct delivery services within the stipulated time. Irrespective of the size of the package or its volume, we’re on time every time. By opting for letterbox delivery, you are never sure if your costly items will reach their destination safely. Why should you take the chance? Call us now! Entrust us with your shipment and consider it delivered.

The Extras That We Offer  

On demand delivery and same day delivery within a particular circle are a part of the superior services we offer. Just make that call and our transport will pick up your packages or document. Most importantly, our rates are very affordable and competitive.

Apart from the delivery, we also help to speed up your dispatch process through our automatic folding and insertion in envelope functions. Hence, mail in bulk is easily handled by us.

We also maintain database of your customers and their addresses so that large quantities of publicity materials can be made ready in quick time without you having to get involved at any stage. This includes plastic wrapping of your consignment too for delivery in an undamaged condition.

Try our comprehensive direct delivery solutions for any business need.

Contact us also for printing, telemarketing and other mailing-services.

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