Optimise Business Communication with Direct Marketing

Communicate directly with your customers and maximise sales and profitability. Let Mailworks help you in your direct marketing efforts. We offer a range of services to be in direct touch with your customers and update them on a variety of issues related to your products and services.
Direct Marketing

Email marketing

Our email marketing will help you inform your customers quickly and effectively of product launches, discounts offered and for creating brand awareness and sending promotional letters. We will use your database to send bulk email to subscribers and provide you with their feedback.

Direct marketing through mail

Mailworks has a very strong base for direct mailing services. We will send your flyers, brochures and other publicity material directly to customers without going through the uncertainty of letterbox drops. Our services are quick and in certain areas we assure same day delivery. Our automated folding and inserting equipment makes sure that no time is lost in preparing the items for despatch.

Telemarketing services

We have a team of dedicated telemarketers who will be in direct touch with your customers will all product information you might want to covey to them. In inbound calls we offer technical solutions and guidance for products especially to those who have brought them recently. This enhances your reputation for good after sales service and will bring in more customers.

Trust Mailworks for professional printing and direct mailing and marketing services.

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