Total Mailing Services Solutions

Mailworks offers total mailing solutions. This ensures that you can focus on your core business activities without having to worry about safe and guaranteed delivery of your flyers, brochures, other publicity materials or packages at easy cost effective rates.
Mailing Services
What are the advantages you get by availing our mailing services –

Assured Delivery

  • Addressed distribution – Envelopes or plastic wrap
  • Mass distribution –Through Australia Post or letter box drops
  • Magazine or newspaper distribution – Through Australia Post or as per your requirements.

Allied Services

Preparing mail in bulk can be a very time consuming job and can eat into total delivery times. However our automated processes ensure that there is no time lag in getting the mail ready to be sent and the actual delivery.

  • Automated folding and inserting – All mail – from letters to flyers and brochures – are folded by high speed equipment that eliminates the need for extra manpower at your end. Inserting in envelopes is similarly done up to six items at a go. This cuts your costs in terms of utilisation of manpower resources.
  • Plastic Wrapping – Our plastic wrapping service of your precious mail is cost effective and perfect for distribution of product catalogues, school magazines and annual reports amongst others. It also reduces unit packaging and postage costs.
  • Database management – Your database will always be updated and accurate since special software at our end eliminates duplicates and spelling errors making your database more efficient. It is one of the pillars of your business and we help maintain it effectively.

Cost Effective Services

  • Bar Coding – You must have noticed barcodes on some of the mail you receive. It is there because it saves money. We match your database against the Australia Post Postal Address File Database to generate a barcode for each address. This gives your mail the largest possible postal discount – savings that are repeated every time you despatch accounts, invitations or advertising material. It can be a substantial amount in the long run.

Depend on Mailworks for all your mailing requirements. You get assured speedy despatch at reduced cost.
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