Direct Communication with Customers

Gain an Edge Over your Competitors

In today’s fiercely competitive business environment, it is essential that direct channels of communication are kept open with customers. There is no better way than telemarketing services to inform them of new product launches, company news, discounts being offered or to get feedback on existing services. It is a potent marketing tool that helps take businesses to the next level.

Mailworks offers dedicated telemarketing services that has a direct impact on sales and business growth. Our team of telemarketers are trained and experienced and are always sensitive to your needs. In fact, most of our clients who avail this service have experienced growth and development and now see it as an important extension of their main operations.

How Telemarketing Helps our Clients

You will be greatly benefitted by telemarketing services. We carry out marketing surveys, provide close technical product support and help in event registrations and seminars. Apart from this our telemarketers facilitate lead generation and will inform your customers of special schemes being offered. Mailworks structures telemarketing scripts in close liaison with you and this helps answer all your customers’ queries precisely and accurately and meet their expectations. We have finetuned our services so well that our callers even speak to your customers in the native accent of that country.

Components of our Telemarketing Services

There are two components to the telemarketing services offered by us –

  • Outward Calls – We present your side of the story to customers. Informing them of what you have to offer, conducting research to assess the suitability of new product launches and lead generation are some of the aspects in this category.
  • Inbound calls – This is crucial as your reputation rests largely on the extent and quality of your after sales service. A product can fail to take off if there is poor technical support. Our telemarketers are qualified to listen to customers’ grievances and provide solutions over phone.

Avail our telemarketing services and be ahead of your competitors.

As part of our overall client service, we also provide effective and optimised printing, mailing services and direct delivery services.

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