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Save you time

  • All our services save you and your staff time and stress
  • We have the expertise, and the equipment, to perform all the mind-numbing tasks efficiently and in a timely manner
  • We know which postal service to use; we understand the deadlines & the weight and size guidelines. Don’t waste time learning things you don’t need to know.
  • Our ‘print to post’ service makes us a one stop shop

Save you money

  • Mailworks has been in business for 20 years, so we understand the postal service – and how you can save money on postage.
  • In some circumstances, plastic wrapping your brochures may be more cost effective than envelopes. With other items, you may not need either.
  • You have employed your staff for their talents and abilities. Using smart people to do dumb jobs costs you money. When clever people become bored, they become careless and returned mail costs you money.

Help you to grow your business

  • Frequently, a business person knows it is time to take some action – but how do you decide what will work most effectively? Give us a call! We have several options and are happy to advise.
  • If you have a database, look after it. It’s the most valuable item your business possesses and using it effectively will boost your business. Ask us how!
  • Timely contact with previous customers – or prospective customers– by mail, email or telephone – will help you survive the quiet periods and capitalise on the busy times.

Help you to start a new business

  • Make sure you are contacting the right people. Targeting prospective clients is cost effective and efficient. No wasted spend. No wasted money.
  • Don’t try to do too much at once. Divide your potential market into sections. And then measure results. Eliminate the sections from which results are poor. Ask us how!


  • testimonial

    “When Shepparton Villages wishes to communicate with those on our internal or external data bases – whether for a fundraising campaign or other purposes, we always give Mailworks a call.
    The people there know exactly what should be done and how to do it – efficiently and effectively”.
    Shepparton Villages

    Vicki Glazner
  • testimonial

    Our pharmacy is busy and so, of course, is my staff. Their jobs are to interact with our customers, offering advice and guidance – not to fold accounts and newsletters.
    That’s why we use Mailworks. Just one email and our accounts are on their way; just one email and our newsletters are being printed. Just one email and the work is out of our hands.
    It’s an efficient and cost effective service for our business.
    John Anderson Pharmacy

    John Anderson
  • testimonial

    Our books, charts & diaries need to be collated for promotional marketing to Primary Schools all over Australia. We get the material to Mailworks and know that the job will be handled in a responsible and timely manner.
    Many years of experience tells us that Mailworks won’t let us down.
    Kluwell Publications, Bendigo

    Andrew Coldwell
  • testimonial

    Our regular newsletters are important to our clients – and important to our business.
    Mailworks offers a trouble free service which is reliable and efficient ; they are often asked to turn around jobs very quickly.
    We also post invitations to various events during the year, which Mailworks prints and distributes for us.
    We are delighted to recommend the friendly and professional services offered by Mailworks

    Communications Consultant
    O.R.M. Consultants

    Kathryn Toomey
  • testimonial

    When our valued clients require material to be plastic wrapped, we always give Mailworks a call.
    Naturally, our clients’ satisfaction is very important to us and we like to ensure that the job which we printed – with care and attention to detail – reaches its many destinations in good condition and on time.
    Mailworks always meets our high standards of service delivery.
    The Prominent Group.

    Darren Hall
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